Persian Classical Music Tar and Tombak New Video Clip

Persian Tar: Reza Mousavizadeh

Persian Tombak: Peyman Nasehpour

I have also re-designed and upgraded my personal artistic website. Please check it out here: PEYMAN AND HIS TONBAK



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Zero-divisor graphs of nilpotent-free semigroups

Zero-divisor graphs of nilpotent-free semigroups

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Authors: Neil Epstein, Peyman Nasehpour

About the paper: We find strong relationships between the zero-divisor graphs of apparently disparate kinds of nilpotent-free semigroups by introducing the notion of an \emph{Armendariz map} between such semigroups, which preserves many graph-theoretic invariants. We use it to give relationships between the zero-divisor graph of a ring, a polynomial ring, and the annihilating-ideal graph, resolving a conjecture of Behdoobi and Rakeei. Then we give relationships between the zero-divisor graphs of certain topological spaces (so-called pearled spaces), prime spectra, maximal spectra, tensor-product semigroups, and the semigroup of ideals under addition, obtaining surprisingly strong structure theorems relating ring-theoretic and topological properties to graph-theoretic invariants of the corresponding graphs.

Persian Tar and Tonbak in Dastgah e Chahargah

This is the full concert of my brother, Parham and I in Persian mode, Dastgah-e-Chahargah, in Tehran, Iran

For more info about Parham, please visit his website:

Ayna Express: Peyman Nasehpour

Ayna Express, a local magazine for Osnabrück and county, both in Turkish and German language, in its January 2011 issue, has devoted one page to talk about my activities in music and mathematics. Here is the report in PDF format:

Anya Express: Peyman Nasehpour

What is more important is that they have done it with love and positive energy. Thanks a lot Ayna!

For more about Ayna Express, please go to its website:


Ayna is a Turkish word and it means mirror.

Santoor and Tonbak by Poolad Torkamanrad and Peyman Nasehpour

This is a video clip of santoor and tonbak duet by Poolad Torkamanrad and Peyman Nasehpour in WDR Funkhaus at Kölner Musiknakht Festival 2010:

Persian musicians to perform in Kölner Musiknacht 2010

Persian musicians such as Farzin Darabi Far (Tar, Setar), Peyman Nasehpour (Tonbak, Dayereh), Mahnaz Nouri and Mehrdad Razi (Vocals), Aref Ebrahimpour (Kamancheh), Behrooz Bagherzadeh (Tar), Ahmad Anousheh (Ney) and Hessam Vahedi Kashi (Daf, Tombak) and Pulad Torkman Rad (Santoor) to perform in Cologne Music Nights 2010, on Sep. 25th, 2010 in House of WDR Radio (WDR Funkhaus) at 22:00.

For more info in German, please go here

Grup Toprak Almanya’da Konser Verecek

Türkü Gecesi

Grup Toprak: Kemal Yildirim (Solist / Ritim), Ihsan Akpinar (Solist Bağlama), Ahmet (Gitar) ve Peyman Nasehpour (Ritim).

Bremen’den konuk Sanatçı: Heval Gani Cansever ve Bünde’den konuk Sanatçı: Hasan Karaton

Tarih: 18. Eylül 2010 Cts
Saat: 20:00 – Giriş: 19:00
Bilet: 5,- € info: 0176 – 233 92 573
Yer: Haus der Jugend
Große Gildewart 6-9
49074 Osnabrück

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